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-HARRIS M300 web press
heat set, year 1990
cut off 630
8 units Harris M300
alcohol dampening remote ink zone

2x Technotrans type FAZ 15W
2x Butler model: ME2000 40-C6 serial ME-2186/2 and
2x Meg SIGMA plus 60 dryers
folding unit Harris Graphics ser: 44-0002013
(products 8pgs,16pgs, 24pgs, 32pgs tabloid,parallel,double

Erhardht+Leimer Quad/Tech typ SG 3390 register system
2x Erhardht+Leimer Quad/Tech typ GK 12602/3394 and GS
12602/3394 register system
Carlson automated plate bender and plate register
RYKO Silicone applicator for both sides

graficontrol, automatic cut-off control, 4 ink supply pumps
with control console
CMR stacker type CAV 1 mach.No.4021419
Ferag stacker type RAV.P1-1 ser.no. 3890
Cammerler line for magazine

Harris stacker RIMA model 3010
chiller CARRIER mod.30DQ-090-90i-EE

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