28 April

Used hot foil stamping machines

At the Used hot foil stamping machines, perfectly smooth surface elements in metallic colors and also in gold and silver can be put onto the material to be print with hot foil stamping. The metallic foil used on foil stamping machines is a film coated with a layer providing the metallic color or...

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28 April

Used postpress and finishing equipment

After the used printing machine finishes his job, there are another equipment that are in front line, the used postpress and finishing equipment. Because the final products made by the printers are so various, the used finishing equipment are also of many kinds. The most important ones are: used...

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27 April

Screen printing machines from China

In this article you will find the cheapest high quality fully automatic Screen printing machines from China. The printing process used at Screen printing machines from China is one of the most versatile for transferring ink and technical coatings, it appear at a hole range of industrial...

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11 April

Used gravure printing machines

At the used gravure printing machines the printing elements are recessed. The gravure cylinders surface of the machine are covered with low viscosity ink and a doctor blade remove the ink is excess, leaving onto the cylinders only the recesses inks. The printing material that passes through the...

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10 April

Used film lamination equipment

The used film lamination equipment provide the highest possible gloss value and the highest protection, and occasionally are used to create special effects. The used film lamination equipment can be used independent of the printing process used in printing the substrate and there isn’t any...

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05 April

Used coating / varnishing equipment in printing industry

The coating equipment used in printing technology are basically the followings: 1/ The water based varnishing equipment or dispersion varnishing equipment 2/ Normal print varnish equipment 3/ Used UV varnishing equipment All this are separated or integrated in a used printing equipment. In the used...

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04 April

Used printing equipment without a printing master

The used printing equipment without a printing master are the printing equipment which not require a fixed image carrier and can generate a different printed product print per print. The used printing equipment that not require a physical fixed image carrier are using the non impact printing, NIP...

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02 April

Used printing machines with a printing master

For used printing machines with a printing master this is referring to a convetional printing technology where the carrying medium is the printing plate and the informations to be print are transferred on the substrate by the transfer of ink that is done partially. For the printing process to be...

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15 March

Xerox Recognized by Graphic Arts and Printing Community for Innovative Digital Work

ROCHESTER, N.Y.– Creative applications printed on Xerox’s digital presses received honors from the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen (IAPHC) in its 2011 Gallery of Superb Printing Awards. In all, Xerox won 21 awards with 12 gold, six silver, two bronze awards and one...

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13 March

Fuji Xerox Sustainability Report receives gold award in Sustainability Reporting Awards in 2012

Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. announces that its Sustainability Report 2011, issued in August 2011, has received the Gold Award in the Sustainability Reporting Award of the Green Reporting Awards, Sustainability Reporting Awards in 2012, sponsored by Toyo Keizai, Inc., a publisher of a Japanese leading...

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