From Tomatoes to Print - Ashfield Printing celebrate 60 Years of success!

  • February 08, 2016

Ashfield Screen Printing recently celebrated 60 years as a limited company. The company first began in 1953 when Terrence Henry, who worked for Rolls Royce decided that with a large family to support it was the opportune time to look for an alternative income. Terrence invested in a plot of land in Borrowash and set to work building himself a number of greenhouses.
His initial intention was to grow tomatoes, but he soon found out that tomatoes were not as fruitful as he had hoped and as a skilled man he decided to turn his hand to the art of screen printing. With little funds available to him Terrence was able build his very own semi-automatic screen printing machine by hand and he started to operate his print shop from his greenhouses offering waterslide and dry stick transfers.
In November 1955 Terrance went into partnership with Arthur Wassell, an experienced print professional. As a team they were able to transform Terrance’s lifestyle business into an officially incorporated business, and Ashfield Screen Printing Ltd was born.
Today Ashfield Screen Printing Ltd, (known as Ashfield Printing), is a third generation family run business founded on customer care, print quality and product innovation. Back in 1974 Terrance passed the running of the business onto his son Michael Henry and then in 1994 the current MD Charles Henry (son of Michael Henry) took over the responsibility. “I am extremely proud to be a part of the company my granddad founded 60 years ago and I am looking forward seeing how far we can take the company in the next 60 years” Charles Henry.
As a business Ashfield Printing is founded on expert knowledge, customer care, print quality and product innovation. Traditional family values still remain within the heart of the business. 60 years on and still going strong, the company has seen significant growth in recent years and branched out into a number of different printing techniques but screen print still remains a core part of the business and will be for many years to come.
Company Info: Based in Derby, Ashfield Printing operate from a purpose built print production facility with a workforce of 17 employees. Originally set up to service a local need for screen printing, the company has grown significantly in recent years, considerable investment in both plant and expertise. Offer a comprehensive range of printed and print related products.