Used die-cutting machines

  • April 28, 2013

At the Used die-cutting machines the process of die-cutting the material is a process of cutting through a specific pattern, not like the cutting process from cutters, guillotine and trimmers where the cutting process is in straight line.

The products cut with the Used die-cutting machines are produced in a closed cutting line, or open cuts are produced for round of corners of playing cards, register punching at index thumb, perforating.

At used die-cutting machine you can process the substrate to die-cut depending of the purpose of the die-cutting operations: cutting of the substrate itself into a specific pattern or cutting a specific pattern into a substrate, and if the used die-cutting machine makes a round die-cutting then, for with the first purpose we will have as final products: tear-off calendars with hole perforation, continuos forms with line hole punching, envelope and folders with windows, files with finger holes and if we will think to the second purpose, we will have labels where the corners are rounded off, beverage mats, coasters, playing cards, puzzles, joke articles, blanks for folding boxes.

The used column die-cutting machines are simple machines where the products are loaded and removed manually by the operator, for simple configuration, a pile is placed on the cutting base, and a cutting tool is placed on top of the pile in accordance with the pattern or register mark, the die-cutting arm is swiveled horizontally above the tool for starting the die-cutting process and after that the die-cutting arm is swiveled back again for removing the waste and for taken out the blank from the tool.

At the used vertical platen die-cutting machines the products are cut out from the printed material, the sheets are separated in vertical pile feeders and transported through the machine with a gripper chain, the sheets are cut one other over using a platen die-cutters. There are used vertical platen die-cutting machines able to do embossing and also hot foil stamping but for the hot foil stamping the base must be heatable and the machine must have and unwinding and rewinding unit for metallic foil.

With the used rotary die-cutters it must be produced continuos forms, adhesive labels, mailings that are printed on small format web offset presses, at the finish this machines are equipped with this types of cutters that consist in: a cutting cylinder that hold the die, the anvil cylinder that is the smooth impression cylinder, the extraction unit which removes the cutting waste.

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