Used digital printing presses

  • September 23, 2014

Used digital printing presses evolved a lot from their appearance from the 60’s as analogic copiers, the working principle of the digital printing equipment being the reproduction of the information to be print on the substrate directly, not through the printing master.
The most used printing technology on the digital printing equipment are inket printing and laser printing. Nowadays the used digital printing presses are very efficient to use for small and medium quantities to be print mainly because of the short producing time.

Some of the advantages of the Used digital printing presses compared with the Used offset printing presses:
1/ At used digital presses the printing can be done with variable get from a database
2/ Consecutives sheets at used digital printing equipment can have total different content
3/ At used digital equipment there is a high speed in execution of a printing job, the printing can be start in a few minute after receiving the files.
4/ For digital printing the production can be done at very low costs also for a few pieces

The main producers of used digital printing presses are Konica Minolta, Xerox, Kodak, Canon, HP, Xeikon.

A very used type of job print by the used digital printing presses is the Print on Demand, POD, the working principle is that all the products to be print will be print after the order from the client is already send, and it is used for very small quantity, also for only one piece, an exemple is the printing of one book after the client ordered the book.

A particular case of POD is the Variable data Print, VDP, where each printed item is diferrent from the one then before and the one from after and this is can be done only by used digital printing presses, this can’t be done by offset technology.

The used digital printing presses are:
1/ The ones used for print small quantities on paper and cardboard
2/ The digital printing equipment used for the packagings and labels market, for small quantities especially for cosmetics
3/ Large format digital printing machines for maps, posters, indoor and outdoor banners
4/ The digital printing presses that print in VDP
5/ The digital printing equipment that print in POD technology

The used digital printing presses can use sheets or reels, the technology consist in the application of a thin layer of ink directly on the substrate to be print.

The used digital printing presses we have on sale:

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