Used embossing machines

  • April 28, 2013

The embossing surface finishing done with the used embossing machines is one of the most demanding of all types of surface finishing.

The embossing effect done by used embossing machines is achieved solely by the deformation of the material with a block of dies that is the formation of the relief, and this block of die is superimposed in film lamination after the film has been applied.

At the used embossing machines the reflection of the embossed image changes depending on the incidence of the light.

The embossing plates used at embossing machines in sheet-fed printing sector aren’t so expensive like the embossing cylinders used in web-fed printing. The embossing cylinders used in rotary printing are very costly and takes time to do it, but this printing technology is used only for very high quantities printing jobs.

Used embossing machine on sale:

Heidelberg Cylinder refurbished and rebuilt in 2007, for embossing and die cuttting
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