Used flexographic printing machines

  • May 14, 2013

Used flexographic printing machines are now the used letterpress printing machines from the past

At the used letterpress printing machines, we can call the printing process as been one in relief.

The printing elements as letters, lines or dots are raised, and when the printing plate is inked, the printing inks adheres to the raised parts and is then transferred under pressure onto the printing substrate.

In our days the main used letterpress printing machines are flexographic printing machines with a increasing importance in packaging printing and in other sectors of printing industry.

At the flexographic machine, the hard metal printing plate from the past letterpress machine is replaced with a soft rubber or plastic plate.

The most important flexographic machines producers are now: Aquaflex, Arsoma , Gallus, Mark Andy, NilPeter but there more and more producers for this kind of machines because the flexographic machines have many uses for all kind of products.

If you are looking for used machines for flexographic printing you can find bellow some on sale:

1986 Arpeco Impressionist flexo press , 5 units, 410 mm width, 35.000 Eur you can find details, photos and can contact the seller of this machine at the following linkArpeco Impressionist flexo press

1987 MEG DME 2 - 50 Automatic Web Splicers , 7 pieces available, 17.000 Eur/ piece, contact the seller and get photos by clicking used automatic reelstand

2009 Daco DTD250 rotary die cutter for plain label production , 10.000 Eur, you can contact the seller and you can see the photos at the following link used rotary die-cutter

2005 Comco Pro Glide FLX flexo press , 7 units, 165.000 Eur you can find details, photos and can contact the seller of this machine at the following linkComco Pro Glide flexo press

Please find here all the used flexographic machines that are on sale on our site.