Used printing presses

  • May 14, 2013

The used printing presses have the most important role in producing a printed product, the process of printing been a transfer of printing ink to the parts of material to be print and in this way the image or text to be print is reproduced.

At the conventional used printing presses the printing process is based on the printing plates that are doing the separation between printed and unprinted elements, and at each printing job, the printing plates that must be mounted onto the used printing presses are unique.

For different types of used printing presses: letterpress printing presses, flexographic printing presses, offset printing presses, and gravure printing presses the forces needed to transfer the ink from the master to the material to be print have different values, depending of the printing method used.

Used printing presses sheet fed are used for printing sheets and used printing presses web fed are developed to print web material.

At used printing presses there is a radial flexible layer that is compensating the run out of the cylinder and the variations in thickness of the plate and permit to print on hard substrate. At the used printing presses that are using letterpress printing technology a jacket of several layers of paper and cardboard is mounted on the impression cylinder, at the printing presses that are using flexographic printing a flexible and soft photopolymer plate enables radial deformation, for used offset printing presses there is a radial flexible blanket between the plate cylinder and the impression one that is doing this, at the printing presses that are using gravure technology there is a thick-walled rubber layer on the impression roller that enables this.

Some of the subassemblies that are in the componence of used printing presses are: the sheet feeders for separate sheets from the piles of paper for sheet fed printing presses or unwinding stands for reels of material for web fed printing presses, alignment, acceleration and transport elements for sheet fed printing presses and draw and idler rollers for web fed printing presses, inking units, dampening systems, varnishing systems, printing units, coating units, dryers, folders and cross cutters for web fed used printing presses, slitters, sheet delivery unit for sheet fed used printing presses, rewind unit and winding and folding sheets for web fed printing presses.

If we referring to the printing units from used printing presses they are composed from: printing cylinders, inking unit, dampening system for used offset printing presses and wash up devices.

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