Used sheet fed and web fed printing machines

  • April 30, 2013

As a general rule the used printing machine are sheet fed presses or web fed presses.

A used sheet fed printing machine is designed like this: a feeder where the printing sheets, cardboard, paper or other substrates are taken from a pile, aligned and than transportated to first printing group. All the transportation of sheets from the sheet fed printing machine is made by some dispositives called grippers, at each printing units there are gripper that forward the sheets and at the end of the sheet fed presses, the sheets are collected into a pile.

Used web fed printing machines have a reel stand from where the cardboard, paper or other substrates is fed into the printing units. At the end of the web fed press there is a finishing unit or a rewinder group. Towards to printing groups the web fed printing machines with high speed and high printing quality have installed dryers, more or less depending of the printing process:
1/ for web fed offset printing machines, there is only one dryer and are used heat set inks for the printing process
2/ for web fed flexographic printing machines and gravure printing machines there are dryers after each printing units.
For newspaper printing there isn’t any dryer available, the quality isn’t so great and there are used cold set inks.

Used sheet fed printing machines are offset printing machine and non impact presses.

Used web fed printing machines are reaching highest speed than sheet fed one, are designed for only one particular products and the types from the market are:
1/ offset printing machine
2/ gravure printing machine
3/ flexographic printing machine

Used web press for sale:

1988 KBA Compacta 50 , 60.000 EUR, you can find photos and contact the seller by clicking KBA Compacta 50

Other used web fed printing machine are bellow.