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  • 1999
  • Binding / Finishing equipment
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  • 1999
  • Fully automatic machine to cut and print step indexes

    The REGA 7 processes products in formats A8 – A6. The machine distinguishes by high flexibility, short change-over time and simple menu guidance.

    Technical information

    Products: pocket diaries, agendas, address books,
    promotional brochures etc.

    Formats: max. 185 x 130 mm – min. 50 x 50 mm

    Book thickness: max. 15 mm (depending on product)

    Cut form: angular cut

    Types: European/Arabic index
    combined indexes
    double and multiple indexes

    Printing: one or two colours
    letters and words
    printed/non-printed indexes

    Binding category: all standard binding sorts

    Cover: bendable (no hardcover)

    Operator: 50% manpower (depending on product)

    Output: max. 1’400 pieces/h

    Change-over time: 15 – 60 minutes
    (to change product and cut form)

    Technical data

    dimensions:4’000 x 900 x 2’000 mm (L x W x H)

    weight:ca. 1’900 kg
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