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DA 270


  • 1341488
  • 2002
  • Binding / Finishing equipment
  • Perfect binding machineries
  • Kolbus
  • DA 270

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  • 2002
  • Board prestacking conveyor for automatic magazine reloading (stream and pile feeding)
    Centre strip infeed for the spine strip made of roll material, holding capacity for 2 centre
    strip rolls, longitudinal and cross cutting device
    Chopper for the centre strip waste
    Device for automatic pasting and changing of endless spine strip with the machine running
    Cloth feeder for non stop operation with pile magazine, max. stacking height 160 mm
    Miss cloth control during the separation process
    Counter stacker delivery with following roller conveyor
    Moveable gluing station for processing hot‐glue with glue preparation unit in the premelter,
    heated glue application roller and scraper roller
    Glue application adjustment by outside control
    Viscosity control device for automatic water supply to ensure constant glue viscosity
    Pressing roller device for crease‐free connection of the cover material with boards and spine strip
    Device for producing padded cases
    Device for inside lining with hot‐glue
    Automatic case counter
    Programmable automatic setting, motorized adjustments, fault indication
    Single case request for control purposes done from the operating side
    Board centre strip magazine
    Device for inside lining with cold‐glue
    Technical specifications:
    Max. open cover size : 670 x 390 mm
    Min. open cover size : 205 x 140 mm
    Joint width : 4‐15 mm
    Spine width : 14 ‐ 120 mm
    Turn in width closed : 8‐15 mm
    Cloth width : 223 ‐ 708 mm
    Cloth height : 130 ‐ 428 mm
    Board thickness : 1‐4 mm
    Board width : 95 328 mm
    Board height : 140 ‐ 390 mm
    Board centre strip thickness : 1‐4 mm
    Board centre strip width : 6‐90 mm
    Centre strip roll thickness : 0,3 ‐ 0,6 mm
    Centre strip roll width : 6 ‐90 mm
    Capacity : upto 65 cycles/min.
    Instruction manuals
    Spare part catalogue
    Electrical wiring diagrams
  • 1341488
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