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GL 440


  • 1342837
  • 2014
  • Indonesia
  • Printing machines
  • Offset presses sheetfed
  • Komori
  • GL 440

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  • 2014
  • 4
  • Used Komori GL 40 sheetfed printing press
    Gripper arrangement diagram on PQC
    High speed start up
    Smart sequence
    AMR pattern recording/playback
    Self diagnosis
    Semi APC
    Transfer cylinder cocking remote control
    Paper thickness preset
    Paper size preset package
    Sucker head preset
    Slow down wheel preset
    Side lay guide
    Delivery side jogger
    Sheet release cam remote control
    Suction tape feeder
    Anti-static at feeder
    Suction side lay guide
    Feedboard Venturi guide
    Ultrasonic double sheet detector
    Register detection (2 steps detection)
    A transfer cylinder gripper pad height adjustment
    Manual A(Infeed) cylinder cocking
    Manual anti-fanout on A(Infeed) cylinder
    Sheet guide over impression cylinder
    Air blower above impression cylinder
    Solid transfer cylinder + gripper pad up/down device
    Ink ductor interval adjustment
    Motorized ink fountain roller
    Inker roller nip following
    Dampening form roller speed reduction (Delta effect)
    Oscillating rider roller on dampening form roller
    Skewing device on Komorimatic
    Ink washing tray pneumatic on/off
    Vacuum wheel
    Sheet decurler
    Air blower above delivery pile
    Anti-static bar at delivery
    Automatic lubrication on delivery chain guide
    Delivery area sensor
    Delivery pile extraction: operation side
    Air cabinet
    Global standard safety measures
    Operation plate (Pictogram)
    Compressed air coupler on F/D
    Resin ink knife
    Cylinder gauge
    Additional spare filter for oil pump
    Tack film (0.14mm)
    Refrigerated water circulator TOP-ONE402PU-T w/relay tank [Cosmotech]
    Air dryer [SMC]
    Powder sprayer [Komori]
    PQC integration
    Anti-ghosting roller
    PQC monitor display (Pictogram)
    KHS-AI monitor display
    Operation manual, electrical diagram and parts list
    Electrical diagram (book)
    Parts list (CD-ROM)
    Lifting frame/lugs
    Compressible blanket S-7400 [Kinyo]
    Anti-smear paper for transfer cylinder 10sheets
    Sheet guide on PQC
    Lamp and backboard for PQC operation stand
    Pitless skid loader (U shape)
    Water level sensor
    Standard accessories, spare parts and tools
    Anti-rust treatment for plate cylinder
    Anti-rust treatment for impression cylinder
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