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System LR 538D


  • 1342332
  • 2009
  • Printing machines
  • Web fed presses
  • Komori
  • System LR 538D

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  • 2009
  • 5
  • Used Komori web printing press
    KOMORI FPI Plate Changing - 40/5030
    5 x Blanket to Blanket Printing Units (Shaftless)
    Komori Semi automatic punching / folding machine
    Phase adjustment motorized printing unit
    Ceramic rollers for ink from inkwell transfer
    Komori Kick system
    back rollers
    MEGTEC DDTN dryer, length 13.5 mt.
    Komori CS38 cooling calender group with 7 cylinders (7 X 400 mm), with automatic side band guide
    WebCather KOMORI
    TECHNOTRANS Metering and Mixing
    Komori silicon
    Komori type folding unit DC38 with automatic motorized bending change for the production of A4, A3, A5 and Delta folds
    Komori automatic starter system AMR-W (automatic make-ready)
    Rotary control console
    Rotative standard press accessories
    Print quality control system, Komori PQC IV
    Save band and band size sensors (1st of the printing groups)
    Komori plate mounting register system
    Komori management system (KMS) with remote diagnostic modem
    Komori automatic rubber washing system
    Komori KHS Al high performance system
    QI register control system
    Q.I. fold control system
    Q.I. color control system
    PLANATOL combijet 8 MOD glue system.
    Fully automatic plate changing system (FAPC)
  • 1342332
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