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706 Direct Drive


  • 1342802
  • 2008
  • Printing machines
  • Offset presses sheetfed
  • Man-Roland
  • 706 Direct Drive

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  • 2008
  • 6
  • DirectDrive
    straight used printing machine
    Suction feedboard with sheet slow-down
    Automatic format adjustment
    Automatic substrate thickness adjustment
    Remote-controlled circumferential, lateral and diagonal register
    Remote color control
    Automatic inking train separation
    Central adjustment of plate inking roller oscillatio
    Speed-compensated inking and damping units
    Ceramic-clad water fountain rollers
    Automatic inking roller wash-up device
    Automatic blanket washers
    APLTM fully-automated (Simultaneous Plate Changing)
    Rear plate clamp divided into 7 segments
    Visually controllable sheet travel in the AirGlide delivery
    Enhanced plate, blanket and impression cylinder surfaces
    QuickChange Job, automatic function sequence
    QuickChange Air
    QuickChange Wash
    QuickChange Surface
    Remote adjustment of the oscillation stroke timing
    Disengageable inking and damping units
    Automatic impression cylinder wash-up device
    TelePresence with MaintenanceManager
    Max. printing speed, 15,000 sheets/h
    Minimum printing format 340 x 480mm
    Maximum printing format 715 x 1,020 mm
    Paper/Cardbboard thickness 0.04 - 1.00 mm

    Used printing press that can be tested into production.
  • 1342802
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