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Muller Martini

  • 1343247
  • 2008
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Printing machines
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  • Muller Martini

View Details Muller Martini ALPRINTA 74V

  • 2008
  • 6
  • Used press for printing continuously size-variable, flexible packaging and labels
    Control / Operation
    1 Control and operating system.
    Operating panel with touch screen technology on swivel arm:
    - for the centralized set-up and control of all fully automatic machine functions
    - for presetting and remote control of motorized ink fountains
    - for automatic make-ready and storing of new and repeat orders (hard disk, diskette,
    external storage device)
    - machine integrated control box for monitoring the machine
    Main desk with:
    - air-conditioning
    - integrated control
    - electronic shaft for synchronization of separate drives
    - main connection: 400 V I50 or 60 cycles I 3 phases
    - printed sheet deposit with zone guide Control cabinet
    1 Modem for remote diagnosis, incl. cable. Analog phone line is required
    1 lnk zone guide (clear film keyboard) with actual value display per ink zone, mounted
    below the printed sheet deposit on main desk
    2. touch screen for individual adjustments of remote ink control
    1 Norm lighting for printed sheet deposit on main desk
    MRS software components
    1 CIP3 Software
    - CD with Software for presetting of slide segment ink fountain
    with CIP3 data on an external PC (Win2000, XP or Vista)
    - Network card ta connect the remote ink control with the customer net
    Unwind unit Alprinta 74
    1 Unwind unit 2511 for max. 50inch (1270 mm) roll diameter, incl.:
    - motorized roll lift
    - pneumatic unwind brake
    - paper roll diameter monitoring
    - servo drive
    - storable web length setting
    Unwind shafts
    1 Pneumatic unwind shaft 76 mm (3inch) including carrier
    1 Pneumatic unwind shaft 150 mm (6inch) including carrier
    Web edge control
    1 Web edge control, with:
    - ultrasonic sensors for scanning on both sides, also for transparent materials
    - manually adjustable scanning heads
    - remote adjustment ± 6 mm (1/4inch) from main desk
    Options to unwind unit
    1 Throw length board 84inch (213.3 cm) length
    2 Set of web tension sensing roller (2 rollers), tension is displayed on MM touch
    screen panel
    Web cleaner
    1 Web cleaner double sided contact in use with film incl. intermediate piece & support
    Corona treatment
    1 AFS Corona device for two-sided
    pre-treatment of conductive and non-conductive films:
    - treatment width 740 mm
    - power 2 x 3 kW
    - max. speed 300 m/min
    - exhaust fan to connect on a customer’s exhaust piping
    - incl. necessary intermediate piece mounted after unwind unit/infeed 2511
    Web break sensor for transparent print substrates
    1 Set of web break sensors for transparent print substrate.
    Basic equipment per machine
    11 Set of web break sensors for transparent print substrate, per print unit, flexo unit
    and cooling station 2516
    Plane surfaced idler rollers
    1 Set of plane surfaced aluminum idler rollers for complete machine
    Print units Alprinta 74V
    6 Wet offset print unit 2512 including:
    - slide segment ink fountain with 23, slide segments motorized adjustment
    - remote adjustable ink fountain roller
    - sequential ink duct cycle control for ink reduction
    - 3 vibrating rollers with temperature control, including rotating unions and pipes
    - 4 form rollers with different diameters
    - drive with serve motor for individual make-ready, wash-up and inking
    - dampening system, changeable to direct/indirect dampening, incl. level control,
    skewing for dipping roller, chrome transfer roller
    - speed compensation for water and ink
    - automated ink roller wash-up device
    - automatic positioning of plate cylinder for plate change
    - remote controlled motorized circumferential
    register adjustment 360°
    - remote controlled motorized side register adjustment
    - increments 1/3inch
    - incl. necessary intermediate piece
    7 Additional price for oscillating
    2nd form roller, instead of the usual form roller, motion on-/off feature
    7 Additional price for oscillating
    4th form roller, instead of the usual form roller, motion on-/off feature
    Additions to print units
    6 lnk mist hood with triple filters and filter level control
    6 lnk agitator
    6 System for elimination of exceed water on the printing plate, per print unit
    6 Level control for ink
    Accessories to print units
    1 Beil plate bender
    - tabletop model
    - manual operation
    - plate positioning with adjusting screws and video cameras, 17inch monitor
    - vacuum plate fixation
    - size adjustment with handwheel
    - size range 20inch - 36inch
    1 Set of spare rubber rollers for wet offset units (for UV and conventional inks)
    Turn bar stations
    1 Turn bar station with pneumatic turn bars, after Flexo unit no. 1
    1 Additional price for microporous turn bars, price per station
    1 intermediate piece between Offset print unit number 6 and last Flexo unit
    Offset print units no. 1 & 6 will be prepared for later retrofit of additional turn bar
    Pull/cooling roller at
    the lnfeed of the print unit
    5 Pull/cooling roller 24inch, including cooling pipes, prepared for installation of one
    UV lamp, at the infeed of the print unit 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6
    Variable size printing inserts,
    size range 20inch - 28 1/3inch
    6 Extension of print unit for use of variable size printing insert, per print unit
    6 Variable size wet offset printing insert, size range 20inch - 28 1/3inch, with:
    - motorized positioning for all cylinders, skewing for plate cylinder
    - fixed impression cylinder 24inch
    - serve motor for drive without changing gears
    - motorized side register ± 4,5 mm
    78 Plate cylinders
    without reel rod but with slot undercut 0,15 mm
    sizes to be determined
    91 Blanket cylinders
    for stick-on blankets without slot undercut 1,95 mm
    non-printing gap approx. 3 mm
    sizes to be determined
    (Additional spare blanket cylinder per size)
    1 Device for offline plate and blanket change
    1O Rack on wheels for storage and transport of 18 plate- or blanket cylinders
    Transport and storage system for variable size printing inserts
    1 Console for transport of variable size printing inserts for use with hydraulic trolley
    Fountain circulation and cooling unit
    1 Combination fountain circulation and cooling unit Technotrans type alpha.c 160G
    1 Alcohol stabilizer Technotrans
    Alcosmart AZR for accurate alcohol control.
    - Measuring- and proportioning range O - 15% Additional price to the standard
    equipment with alcocontrol
    lnk train temperature control
    6 Preparation of ductor roller, first intermediate- and distributor roller
    for temperature control, including cooling pipes, per print unit
    Cooling of the Web
    Mixing unit Labelmakers.
    Cooling station Alprinta 74V
    1 Cooling station 2516 with pull-/cooling roller 36inch, prepared for installation of
    an UV-curing system with max. 3 UV lamps above the roller, incl. necessary
    intermediate piece,
    2 Cooling station 2516 with pull-/cooling roller 36inch, prepared for installation of
    an UV-curing system with max. 3 UV lamps above the roller, incl. necessary intermediate
    piece, inserted after flexo unit no. 1 & 2
    Flexo unit Alprinta 74V
    2 Flexo unit 2518, consisting of:
    - complete chambered doctor blade system, incl. drip dray, ink pump, connection
    tubes and doctor blade chamber
    - impression cylinder 24inch with motorized fine adjustment
    - air shaft ta anilox sleeve
    - pressure ta the anilox sleeve via motor with fine adjustment
    - serve drive for the web draw and anilox sleeve
    - air shaft (0 133,806 mm) ta plate sleeve
    - motorized size change, size range 20inch - 34inch
    - remote controlled motorized circumferential
    and lateral register adjustment
    - incl. necessary intermediate piece max. working speed 365 m/min
    2 Pull roller 24inch at the infeed of the flexo unit
    6 Plate sleeve with Twinlock surface, size range 20inch - 25inch
    undercut 1,14 mm size ta be determined
    2 Sleeve for continuous varnishing, varnishing width 740 mm
    4 Anilox sleeve, conventional gravure 60°
    Hot air dryer to Flexo unit
    2 Execution of Flexo unit for use of solvent based inks (ATEX)
    2 Hot air dryer incl. support for installation on Flexo unit
    1 Web edge control with:
    - ultrasonic sensors for scanning on both sides
    - motorized adjustable scanning heads
    - remote adjustment +/- 6 mm (1/4inch) from main desk
    - reinforced version for installation between infeed and rewind unit
    lncluding necessary base frame
    1 Laminating unit 2518 integrated on flexo unit 2518.001, with:
    - unwind unit for foil with servo drive and brake
    - dancer roller for web tension
    - adjustable idler roller
    - rubber pressure roll
    max. roll diameter 800 mm
    1 Pneumatic unwind shaft 76 mm (3inch)
    Gantry crane, lifting capacity 500 kg, for handling of laminating rolls.
    Required ceiling height 4,5 m
    Additional accessories
    1 Transformer
    Rewind unit Alprinta 74
    1 Rewind unit 2515 max. 50inch (1270 mm), incl.:
    - decreasing web tension
    - adjustable pressure roller
    - motorized roll lift
    - servo drive
    - dancer
    Rewind shafts
    1 Pneumatic rewind shaft 76 mm (3inch) including gear
    1 Pneumatic rewind shaft 150 mm (6inch) including gear
    IST UV-curing system type BLK-5 (Latest generation IST UV system)
    1 IST UV-curing system type BLK-5, consisting of:
    - electronic lamp controller (ELC)
    - boxes, shutters and basements water cooled
    - cooling unit (water/air)
    - exhausting fan without pipes
    - voltage 380 - 415 V I 50 cycles
    - programming and operation on MM touch screen panel
    - 1 UV lamp
    9 UV lamp
    For more than 5 additional UV lamps
    1 Movability over more than 2 print units
    3 Pivoted adaptation frame for installation of UV lamps on cooling station 2516
    5 Pivoted adaptation frame for 24inch pull/cooling roller at the infeed of print unit for
    installation of one UV lamp
    MM register control system
    2 Support for measuring head installed before turner bars
    1 MM register control system for automatic control of longitudinal and side register
    print to print, integrated in machine control, mounted in extended main desk.
    - measuring head for color register front side, max. 8 colors
    2 Controller for longitudinal register
    for an additional unit, (e.g. flexo unit)
    4 Back side stroboscope for transparent materials (films)
    1 Instruction on site, incl. costs for travelling and lodging accommodation.
    1 Measuring head for color register reverse side installed before turn bars
    BST web video Inspection
    1 Frame for rerouting of web and installation of one-sided video camera system for
    or reverse web inspection, depending on web path, mounted on rewind unit
    1 BST digital web video inspection system type Premius Digital, consisting of:
    - 19inch TFT fiat screen monitor, operating via touch screen panel
    - 1 3-Chip digital high-speed camera for front side view
    - incl. interface for common data storage
    1 Backing panel for transparent materials (films), per camera
    1 Varnish strobe
    1 Back side stroboscope
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