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Muller Martini

  • 1342545
  • 1998
  • Binding / Finishing equipment
  • Perfect binding machineries
  • Muller Martini
  • Tigra

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  • 1998
  • Perfect binding line
    Gathering machine 1571
    Hand feeding station
    Feeder station with ASAC
    Vertical channel
    Transfer element to perfect binder
    Extension Modul 1571
    Perfect Binder Tigra
    9 clamps
    Handfeeding station
    Milling staion
    Hotmelt spine glue pot with trolley
    Hotmelt side gluing device
    Pile cover feeder
    Cover pressing station
    Turndown device
    Delivery belt
    Cooling and drying section
    Band 1500mm with acceleration roller
    Linearbelt 6000 mm
    Conveyor control
    Three knife trimmer Merit-S 3671
    Infeed belt 2200 mm
    Infeed with integrated control cabinet
    Centrally located control panel with PLC control and 2 line display, storage capacity up to 50 jobs
    Magazine with motorized size adjustments
    Trimming station with motorized adjustments and fine tunning on the fly
    Knife system control
    AC-Servo drive
    Central lubrication with interval control
    Safety covers
    Knife setting guage
    14 quick-change tables no 4-17 for standard size range 136-304 mm
  • 1342545
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