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R 708-3b P


  • 1341833
  • 2007
  • Printing machines
  • Offset presses sheetfed
  • Roland
  • R 708-3b P

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  • perfecting auto plate loading computer controls
  • 2007
  • 8
  • Used Roland 708 printing machine
    Maximum paper/cardoard size for straight printing 740 x 1040 mm
    Maximum paper/cardoard size for perfecting printing 720 x 1040 mm
    Minimum paper/cardboard format 340 x 480 mm
    Maximum printable area for straight printing 715 x 1020 mm
    Maximum printable area for perfecting printing 700 x 1020 mm
    Maximum speed for straight printing 16.000 sheets/hour
    Maximum speed for perfecting printing 12.000 sheets/hour
    Paper/ Cardboard thickness for straight printing 0,06 - 0,6 mm
    Paper/ Cardboard thickness for perfecting printing 0,06 – 0,4 mm
    perfecting: 8/0 - 4/4
    ICS Inline Coater Smart
    ink remote control RCI
    ink quality control ColorPilot PLUS D+F
    ROLAND Deltamatic dampenings
    ink unit temperature control
    combi cooling unit TECHNOTRANS
    fully automatic plate change APL
    automatic roller, blanket and printing cylinder washing devices
    OptiPrint printing cylinder jackets after perfecting
    paper segments for transfer cylinder
    antistatic device ELTEX
    dry sprayer GRAFIX Cantronic 3000
    powder absorbing GRAFIX P-ABS
    chamber duct system Tresu
    IR / TL dryer ELTOSCH Seccomatic
    AIRGLIDE delivery
    central air supply cabinet
    pneumatic compressor ATLAS COPCO
    OptiPrint Jackets
  • 1341833
  • Euro

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