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  • 1342822
  • 1995
  • Printing machines
  • Rotogravure presses
  • Rotomec
  • 3001

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  • 1995
  • 7
  • Used Rotogravure printing press with:
    Electronic Shaft 7 colors
    7 drives refurbishment 2010 Registron electronic controls
    No. of colors : 7 ( 7 printing stations )
    Cylinder width : 1400 mm wide, with net printing width 1300 mm.
    Repeat Length : 450 – 900 mm
    Machine max. mechanical speed : 350 meters / min.
    Printing speed opt.: 250 – 300 m/min
    The machine is in full daily operation with a very good performance of high printing quality at high printing speeds and has quick changeover by carriage system at each print station.
    This roto printing press can be seen for performance seeing during printing Unit #1 and Unit #7 have double ovens. Unit #7 can be used as Cold Seal applicator.
    Unit #7 can be used as independent unit for different cylinder diameter values.
    Full Simatic PLC controls with computerized panels. Schematic digital machine displayed on front panel.
    Machine utilizes both shafted or hollow type cylinders.
    Max. roll diameter (unwinder ) : 1000 mm
    Max. roll diameter (winder ) : 1000 mm
    Max. roll (web) width : 1320 mm

    Accessories available together with the machine:

    Impression rollers (2 set)
    7 printing unit carriages and 7 additional carriages for quick job change
    Inline Sherman Corona treatment for single layer.
    7 Doctor-blade holders
    Electrically operated ink pumps
    1 coldseal pump

    Features of the machine:
    The machine has incorporated Registron S 5100 register control system on all units.
    The machine has incorporated AVT Jupiter XP online print quality monitoring Video system and online 100% Print Defect Detection System.
    All units have FASNACHT FKR-3 Automatic Ink Viscosity Control System.
    SHERMAN TREATERS GX75R Corona Application System.
    Units 1 and 7 with Double Hood High Drying Capacity. Jumbo dryer hood on no 7.
    7th unit has reversing system for cold-seal application.
    Sleeve system impression rollers in all 7 units with 7 additional Sleeves totalling 14.
    Thermal oil Preheating Drum with dedicated heater.
    Thermal oil Drying Hoods.

    This rotogravure printing press is in very good condition.
  • 1342822
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